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Relaxation at the Hotel Krone

During your free time we offer the service of massage.
Take the opportunity and let yourself be led into the world of relaxation.
A professional application in our rooms by trained, soothing hands can work wonders.


Classic massage

Trained hands release tension in the muscles
and stimulate the metabolism to positively influence your health and well-being.

Full body massage 55.00€
Back massage 32.00€
Shoulder and neck massage 21.00€
Hand and arm massage 21.00€
Feet and legs 21.00 €

Aromatherapy massage

You choose your fragrance depending on your current state of health/mood.
Trained hands pamper your body and soul.
Tensions are relieved and the muscles relaxed.
This treatment leaves the everyday life behind and releases new energy.

Full body massage 60.00€
Back massage 37.00€
Shoulder and neck massage 26.00€
Hand and arm massage 26.00€
Feet and legs 26.00€

Energetic foot massage

Gentle pressure with the fingers and light stroking on the soles of the feet
stimulate the energy channels of the body.
The deep relaxing massage is used to relax the muscles,
the blood circulation and to balance stress factors.
Increase your general well-being.


comfortable rooms



Rainer Sturm/pixelio.de


Rainer Sturm/pixelio.de


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